I’ve worked with many realtors helping them create marketing material to sell houses, condos, and apartments.

Agricultural drone technology has been improving in the last few years, and the benefits of drones in agriculture are becoming more apparent to farmers. Drone applications in agriculture range from mapping and surveying to cropdusting and spraying.

On vacation? Scuba, surf, boating, hiking and snorkeling, just enjoy and we will produce professional images for you.


  • 3 h

    250 US dollars
  • 2 h

    100 US dollars
  • 4 h

    300 US dollars
  • 4 h

    300 US dollars
  • 1 h

    75 US dollars

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  Born and raised in France. My parents offered me my first camera when I was 14 years old. Photography quickly became my passion. I never left my camera behind. I began taking pictures of everything around me.

  In 1993 I did my military service in Tahiti, where I got my first scuba-diving certfcation. That is when I discovered my love of the ocean.

  In 2003 I decided to become a scuba instructor. My first job was in Fakarava (French Polynesia). While leading scuba-tours, I began filming the beauty under the sea.

  After a few years, I combined my two passions, and founded my company “5Rock Production". I created underwater movies that gave me the opportunity to work in television (BBC, TF1, Brazil TV, Christian Pietron, France2).

  In 2009, I met my wife in Hawaii. Now I live on the island of Kauai, where I continue to share the mystery of the big blue through photography, films and my editing activity.

  In my quest for a new point of view, I have mastered filming from my drone. Now, whether underwater, on land or through the sky, I can capture the beauty of our entire world and share it with you.